Where In Australia – Part II


I’m on a quest this morning.    Actually, I’m back on a quest, a re-quest.  Ha!  I’m also on a coffee high so if this blog sounds like I’m bouncing off the walls, it’s just the caffeine working its way into my fingers!

Okay, the quest.

Before Hook’s and my sabbatical detour into no-where-near-Australia took place, we’d been in the process of collecting stories about Australia and Perth.  After we’d answered the questions How Did You Choose Australia and Where in Australia, we were on a mission to collect as much information from people who had stories and recommendations for “must see” places in Australia.  Editor’s Note:  Hook wasn’t really on the mission with me.  He mostly just rolled his eyes at things that I said “we” were doing.

Your Favorite Places to Visit in Australia?

I need your stories.  If you’ve ever been to Perth or any other place in Australia and you’d recommend we visit, would you tell us your story?   Or, if you’ve never been to Australia but you’ve heard from multiple sources about a particular city or tourist spot, we’d love to hear about that, too.  (If you’ve always wanted to go to Australia but haven’t had the opportunity yet, tell us where and what you’d do.)  We want to hear from everyone or so says the caffeine in my bloodstream.

Note:  If you’d rather I didn’t share your recommendations in a future blog post, please be sure to let me know.   Most people love to share their experiences but they do not necessarily want to see it in writing on a blog and I totally get that.   This isn’t Hard Copy so your anonymity is safe with us.

Stories About Perth

A colleague of Hook’s spent part of a summer in Perth awhile back and came over to the house one evening to take us through a slide show of photos he’d taken.  This was about two months before we were originally set to depart for the down under.  It was the first time we’d seen photos that hadn’t come off the web and weren’t edited to appear better than they really were.  Hook and I felt like we were seeing Perth in the raw and we loved it.  (Thanks Bill!).  Then I met a guy at a networking event last year who had lived in Perth for a short while about 12 years ago.  He had specific recommendations of places to visit in Perth except neither he nor I had pen and paper on us so all of the details of what he told me that evening have flown out of my memory banks.  I remember the company this guy worked for but I don’t think I can dial them up and say, Hey, is there a guy who works there that lived in Australia like 12 years ago and loved a place called Perth?  Actually, that sounds like the kind of Lucy thing I’d do so please save me from myself.   Tell us your Australia stories.  And to those Aussies who are reading:  you know better than anyone the hidden gems, so please share!

Psst … types of sharing to avoid:

  • People who visited, lived, or moved to Australia and didn’t/don’t like it:  I met a guy who had visited Perth for a week and hated it.  He kept asking me, “Why do you want to go there?”  I really had to resist the urge to slap him.  Hard.   Don’t be this guy.
  • People with shorteimers:  A friend of a friend, upon hearing the news that Hook and I were moving to Australia for a sabbatical, told us that she’d lived in Perth for a year as a student.  But, she couldn’t recall any specific details of the city, what to see, suggestions of places to visit inside Perth.  I wasn’t sure who to feel bad for — her or me.  Me because I wasn’t receiving any helpful information or her because she couldn’t remember an entire year of her life.  She did give me a good piece of advice, though:  Travel as much as possible within the country.   She said it was her greatest regret not to go outside of Perth. (This helpful advice redeemed her shorteimers.)

I can’t believe I haven’t thought to ask this of all of you before.  Oh, wait, that’s right.  I was busy losing my mind.

An Update For The Dr. Hook Fans

It’s a day to day thing.  Some days are better than others.  Sometimes it’s two steps forward, one step back but at least we always gain a step.   Today he feels good enough to take a short trip to Boomerang’s, the Australian pie place here in Austin that I mentioned in my last post.   It’s drizzling outside this morning but we’re not going to let that keep us away from our first Australia Day Party.   Oh, and if you happen to click on that Boomerang’s link to their Facebook page, feel free to check out my new Hook The Talent, Inc., Facebook company page, too, and Like the sh*t out of it for me, okay?   🙂    (It’s the coffee!!!!)

G’day mates!

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5 thoughts on “Where In Australia – Part II

  1. I believe I visited Australia on several occasions as a child on select Saturday mornings. There was an adorable Tasmanian devil that I believe invented the spinning technique that inspired many to mimmick before Grateful Dead concerts. I’d love to catch one of those critters spinning their way through a tree. Be sure to video tape it and post. Many Thanks.

  2. G’day Aussie Texans! Sadly I don’t have any stories about Perth to share but I do have confirmed shorteimers:-( Amy (Pietrzak) Dwyer stopped me in church today to say she loves reading your blogs. You’re world famous in Saginaw, MI yeah!!

    MaryJoy, I’m convinced Marsha will never leave banking by choice.

    Glad to hear there continues to be progress enough to make it Boomerangs!

  3. I visited your Facebook page and browsed your Tweets just now! Marsha should read the one about volunteering to get experience in another field – so she can get out of banking! MJ

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