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There is a slogan heard throughout my city:  Keep Austin Weird.  I’ll admit we are a strange brew, an idiosyncratic bunch, concocting good times acceptable only to those who live here.  But never in all of my city’s weirdness did I expect to find that my other favorite weird place, Australia, has been tangled up with the freaks in Austin via an establishment that serves meat pies.  Ah, before you judge, think of a juicy chicken pot pie.  Yum, right?

So next Saturday, January 26th, I’m going to drive Hook and myself to a place called Boomerangs while they host their sixth annual Australia Day Party in Austin.   It’ll be like the Hooks are down under when really we’ll just be on the Drag.  Boomerangs will have to suffice until we can hop on a plane this summer.

Yes, our long-term plans still include trying to make it to Australia for Hook’s research sabbatical.   Fingers crossed, we’ll be on a plane as early as July 1st.  Worst case scenario, we hop on a plane as late as August.  Every day, Hook improves and he gains strength and his appetite increases.  As long as this continues, Hook wants to keep Australia a possibility for us.   I put the option of removing Australia off our radar for a year and he said, “No, I want to go.”  Last year it was me who needed the idea of Australia.  This year, it’s Hook.

His lack of an appetite is not a small concern for me because Dr. No is skinny, like Abraham Lincoln skinny.  (I call Hook ‘Dr. No’ because he says, “No,” to everything even when he means ‘Yes Dear.’)   Just yesterday, Hook said, “I need your appetite,” and I said, “Yeah, and I need your stomach.”  What a wonderful switch that would make.  Instead, I’ll take Hook to the pie eating place to fatten him up and see what this whole Australia Day thing is all about.

Hook’s True Handicap

On Friday, I rounded up a short-term temporary handicap placard so Hook could park closer to his building at the university.   Something as simple as walking 200 feet can wear Hook down which makes it harder for him to do whatever it is he needs to do whenever he goes to wherever he needs to go.  HDU_HandicapPlacard

I try to drive him when I can, but since he’s only taking pain medication as needed, he’s less likely to turn over the car keys to me.  Try pulling the car keys out of a man’s hand who is determined to drive while he thrives.  I almost didn’t mention the handicap decal in this blog because I was a little worried people might think we were taking advantage of his situation.  Then I realized we were completely taking advantage of his situation and I thought, good for us.   Hook really does get winded, and the fact that the man was full of a bunch of wind to begin with, well …

The Good and Bad of Australia

Before I end this week’s blog, I’d like to share two Australia-related links.  I always have my eyes and ears peeled for anything and everything Australia.  It’s like when you’re getting ready to buy a new car.  As soon as you decide on a make, model, and color, you see that car everywhere you go.  That’s what it’s been like for Hook and me since we decided on Australia as a sabbatical destination spot.  Whenever I read, see, or hear Australia, the word Pops! out at me.   Have you noticed in the last couple of years how everything is Pop! this and POP! that.  Make it Pop!  Well, pop these links open and have some good reads:

  • Good Aussies:  Australians Can Do Attitude.  If you’ve been having a tough time kick-starting your 2013, or if you’re like me and you need to walk before you can run, then this article will jump start all that feel good, I-can-do-anything, attitude you’ve been looking for.  Just click:
  • Bad Aussies:  Oz Has Its Crazies, Too.  Given that Aussies have a questionable cultural history, is it any wonder that they have their share of crazies, too.  I wouldn’t want my fellow Americans to think only we have the loose and ludicrous.  Oz has their fair share.  Read on:

Hooks Down Under Blog Schedule

I’ve decided to go weekly with this blog and you can faithfully expect an updated post early Saturday mornings unlike today which is a late Sunday post.

During Hook’s hospital stay, I was manic with my posts.  I wrote an abnormal amount, but that was because I was spending an inordinate amount of time in a hospital with nothing to do except fret, write, and waste time on Facebook.   I didn’t mind the over posting because I understood people wanted and needed a Hook update.  But, I’d put my business on hold for December and January and now I need to get back on track with my Hook The Talent events coming up.

For those who are wondering how to keep up when we post, if you click on the Follow Blog Via Email at the top of the page, all posts are automatically pushed out to you via email.  (Some of the more tech-savvy readers are rolling their eyes at the blog-challenged, but just never mind them.)  I’m happy that people are interested enough to read and are willing to keep track with us as we struggle to answer the big question:  Will The Hooks Make It To Australia?

Someday, some way, somehow, Austin will meet Australia in Oz.  Until then, I’m going to drive Hook and myself to Boomerang’s next Saturday.  If you’re in Austin, hook up with the Hooks as we eat some Australian meat pies.  Look for the red handicap parking sticker and you’ll know we are there!

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  1. Keep thriving Hook!! We are cheering for you every step of the way! Ying expects Gatita back here by July, so you just stay the course 😉

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