Beaming Up Some Dr. Hook

What a treat.  The good profesHDU_Star Treksor has a second message for everyone.  On the doctor thing:  Hook doesn’t mind if little kids call him Dr. Hook and he insists that his students either call him “Professor Hook” or “Dr. Hook” but never just ‘Hook’ — show some respect! — but if adults call him “Dr. Hook,” he’ll always respond:  “I’m not a real doctor.”

Allow me to beam up an entomologist then…

From Allan:

TGIF!!! So I’m now on solid food and I’m still learning what and how much to eat. Last night I ordered pasta with shrimp marinara sauce and boy did that taste good, with large shrimp – heck a meal better than you’d get at many restaurants. Unfortunately I forgot about the acidity in the red sauce and paid for that with a stomach ache. My nurse at the time said he could get me a tums….only to return to say it’s not on THE LIST. I thought there might be some antacid tablets in my toilet kit and the nurse said he’d look the other way if I found one and ate it. Sure enough there was one HEB antacid mint, lying decaying/disintegrating at the bottom of my kit – probably nearly a year old, co-mingling with spilled toothpaste, shaving cream and who knows what else….I gobbled that sucker down and it helped. My day nurse of late, Phyllis, thought that was a bunch of nonsense and will provide me with a pill if needed.

Phyllis has been my day nurse for 3 days now and we get along just fine. Her only problem is she doesn’t like to give shots (let alone get them). Anyway today I was scheduled for 3 shots: flu, pneumonia vaccine and this anticoagulant shot to the stomach. So I had to ‘coach’ her – you can do this Phyllis, relax, you’re doing fine, etc. We had a good laugh over that one.

Oh, another advantage of a hospital stay (besides the gourmet food) – cable TV!!! Yesterday Star Trek ran all afternoon….what more could you ask for?

From Rosemary:

I won’t apologize for my husband’s poor taste in TV — oh, did you hear that? — trekkies around the world just vomited.

The quick and dirty update on Hook is this:   He may get out of the hospital as early as this Sunday.  Hospital administration is gently pushing him to be released because that’s healthcare politics.  In fact, I’ve set up a small team of visitors to go see Hook so administration doesn’t try to secretly dump him into a wheelchair and drop him off under the 6th Street bridge with a cardboard sign that says:  Will work for bandages.

Hook is still connected to some critical tubes (I’ll spare you the fluid details) and he’ll have to remain connected to them for at least another 30 days.  But, he cannot stay in the hospital for another 30 days so hospital administration is not quite sure what to do with him.   One solution is they’ll have a nurse come out to the house 1x/day to empty the fluids and dress the bandages and teach me how to give him blood thinner injections.

Now, you can vomit.

Reporting live from my living room and headed to pick up some nice thank you gifts for all the nurses.

Editor’s Note:  Hook emailed in his blog post.  Yes, he has email access now!

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11 thoughts on “Beaming Up Some Dr. Hook

  1. Hey Hook – Glad you like Star Trek (sorry, Rosemary). We’d send you a Tribble to be soft and cuddly but you know … there’s trouble with Tribbles. Riley sends his wishes for you to get out of the hospital and go home. And I second that. There’s no place like home. Enough cheesiness. Love ya – Kaye and Riley

  2. Allan, so good to hear you’ll be going home soon. I’m sure Rosemary’s cooking talents will surpass the hospital’s. 🙂 And Rosemary, thank you for keeping us all posted. Continue to think of you both every day.

  3. Claire, looks like Allan will be staying at the hospital at least until Tuesday. He was moved to a new room today: 556. It’s large, private, and he has a nice window. He’s still have a little problem with the eating. Going back to liquids only for now. He wants so much to eat normal but we’ll just have to ease into that. I’m so sorry to hear about Andrew! I don’t even know what the gallbladder does. All these mysterious organs! But glad he home and well.

  4. Rosemary, you certainly have a great amount of strength. God bless you. But I think you may have reconcile yourself to one thing. If you don’t have cable at home (and you didn’t when we stayed there oh so long ago), Hook will be subject to extreme withdrawal pains. After all, once a trekkie…always a trekkie.
    Dennis D’Amico

  5. Dear Allan and Rosemary, So glad to hear that everything is progressing so well. Actually, we were in a hospital today in Rockville,Md. where Andrew just had his gall bladder removed. He’s a bit young for gall bladder problems but fortunately the surgery was routine and he is already back home. I do hope you get to go home on Sunday! I haven’t watched Star Trek in years! Claire

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