The Great Hook Escape


Hook’s Get Well cards. There were so many, I had to tape some to the window.

As I sit in the hospital cafeteria and dream of life outside the walls of St. David’s, my POW-stricken husband lies in his 5th floor room being poked, prodded, picked, and occasionally pampered.

With a hollowed, gaunt look of someone who has been starved and beaten, Hook’s recovery continues but his appetite struggles to rise above broth status.  His initial plunge into shrimp marinara proved too aggressive and his stomach beat back any hopes of resuming regular consumption of even the most basic of solid foods.   Like coming across a DETOUR sign on a side street and driving down roads never before taken, Hook’s internal system is learning how to maneuver new passages while trying to heal in the process.  Progress has been made but it is slow and arduous.

“Maybe you could just place the Cherrio on your tongue and let it sit there,” I suggest in a desperate attempt to get him to eat even a little bit more.

When I’ve exhausted that parental tactic, I switch to bribery, “If you eat one more spoonful, you can take a nice long nap.”   Knowing Hook has been deprived of a full night’s rest due to middle-of-the-night vital checks and oral pain medication, the promise of sleep is motivation enough for one more spoonful.

Release Date

Our hoped for Tuesday release came and went and now Friday the 21st will be the earliest we are released.   I say We because the closer a Go Home date approaches, the more nurses and technicians and nutritionists and dieticians and physical therapists and home health care personnel and doctors …have I left anyone out?…visit Hook’s room to prepare us for what to expect once we are on our own.   And slowly but surely his plastic appendages are being removed but one outie tube and one innie IV will remain attached when we finally exit these beige walls and the antiseptic smell of healing in progress.   Once home, we’ll entertain daily visits from a nurse and other home care professionals at least through the first week of January.

Since pampering is actually my job and not the nurses, it’s time for me to return to the room and resume my full duties.   But Hook and I have decided, if the surgeon doesn’t set his discharge for Friday, we’re breaking out and pleading insanity.

Regarding visitation, I’ve reverted back to surgery day status and have put on hold any in person visitation for the remainder of 2012.  Feel free to email and call Hook directly and this way he can respond as he feels able.

Friday or bust.

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8 thoughts on “The Great Hook Escape

  1. We all wish a full recovery and a good solid night sleep. December 21 will be a good day to go home. It’s my grandson 8th birthday and many people claim the end of the world per the Aztec calendar. Sending a big hug to you and I’ll bring that to you in person when you are ready. Much love to both of you.

  2. Praying for Friday if he’s ready. Hang in there, you’re in the final stretch…Love & Hugs from Saginaw, MI

  3. Hook longs to go home. So do you. But stay as long as they will let you. Believe me, it is prudent and ultimately will speed his recovery.

  4. Bill — you got lucky. He said he felt great when you came to visit but by the afternoon is when his stomach stopped cooperating. It’s all hit or miss now but eventually it’ll all be hit. 🙂

  5. Hang in there Hooks! We are hoping you will be out of there by Friday and can enjoy some relaxation at home.

  6. We’re still here praying and hoping, sending love and good energy. Friday is not far. Stay strong, dear ones.

  7. Going home is the very best therapy. When I was able to bring my son home for an afternoon the first time, his recovery took a giant step forward.

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