Merry Christmas Mates!

Many of you have enjoyed Hook’s unique bug Christmas cards for the last dozen years or so.   For 2012, we still have an insect to share by way of a public Christmas card to our family, friends, and all the good people of the world who have been keeping up with our blog (72 countries total!).

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The 2012 Hook Christmas Card


Photo taken by Dr. Allan Hook: An acacia ant, species of Pseudomyrmex, on an acacia plant in Chiapas, Mexico, 2009.

From the Hook home to yours this Christmas season, we wish you abundant health, happiness, and a good friend to share it with.

Speaking of friends, this acacia ant, a species of Pseudomyrmex, shares a unique relationship with the acacia plant.   The plant provides swollen, hollow thorns as a nest site for the ant to lay its eggs, and the light colored nodes you see on the leaf tips provide food for the ant.   What the ant provides is protection via a very painful sting to plant-eating animals that would otherwise harm the health of the plant.

Protect the health of your family and friends and may you enjoy a prosperous life.

Photo taken by Dr. Allan W. Hook, El Panchon in Palenque, Chiapas MEXICO, 2009.

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7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Mates!

  1. symbiosis, if I remember correctly….a good analogy for marriage. My middle daughter, Melissa Hannah found this blog today. I am overjoyed to have found a way to communicate with you both. Jessamyn is performing her teacherly(?) duties, leaving tomorrow for the biannual trip to Yellowstone. (thank God for)Todd goes with as there is always a need for male chaperones. They have a trip planned for themselves after they return from the fun with high schoolers excursion/extravaganza. Love to you both, prayers as well.

  2. Hi Rosemary and Al – WIshing you two a nice Christmas – Look at all the wonderful things you have to look forward to in the New Year! Beryl & Jack ________________________________

  3. Feliz Navidad indeed! You guys have a great Christmas and we’ll do the same up here despite the -22 Celsius temps, whatever the hell that is in Farenheit.

  4. Happy Holidays! I happened to find a very nice movie shot recently in Tasmania, called “The Hunter”. There are some great panoramic shots of the mountains, beautiful wildlife cameos and realistic CGI of a thylacine, if you happen to like such things. Thanks for presenting us all with an ant for Christmas, especially one that brings its own tree!

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