How Far Will a Man Go to Watch Football on ESPN?

Before reading, you might want to repeat after me:  It’s all going to be okay.  It will all be O-K.

HDU_FootballDoctorHook and I are sitting in St. David’s Emergency Room not because we have an emergency or even a critical situation.  Rather, after visiting with the surgeon this morning, we all decided (the surgeon, Hook, and I) that it was in Hook’s best interest to have him re-admitted at least until Monday.  Before Hook could be re-admitted, though, he had to have a CT scan for a small looksie into his abdominal cavity and now, we’re just waiting for a room in the hospital to open up.

So What Happened?

When Hook checked out of the hospital last Friday the 21st, everything was great.  Okay, maybe great is exaggerating a bit, but Hook felt good, better every day.  His body was mending, he was starting to eat a little bit more, and he was feeling good enough to walk each time he went outside.

Then Wednesday came and out of nowhere, progress stopped. Hook couldn’t eat anything. He couldn’t even drink anything. Then some bodily unmentionables surfaced and a smidgen of temperature crept in and well, here we are.   But everything is going to be fine.  It is.

The surgery Hook had was major, mega major — much more extensive than normal.   His surgeon wants to make sure there isn’t a lurking stomach virus sending out roots, and he wants to monitor Hook’s fluid balance.  Although Hook’s weight shows he’s only lost 4 lbs since his surgery, his cheeks are still sunken in as though I’ve been keeping him locked up in a basement with only a cracker a day as his meal.  But I swear I’ve been feeding him.  I even turned on the stove a couple of times to cook.  It was probably the shock of seeing me in the kitchen, cooking and serving, which pushed his body near the edge.

Our Good Fortune

Hook’s surgeon will be the on-call doctor for the entire weekend.  He’ll be able to keep a watchful eye on Hook in a way he wouldn’t be able to do if we tried to monitor changes from home.   Just knowing our surgeon will be seeing Hook every day throughout the weekend makes Hook feel much better.  Me, too. And it’s our good fortune to have a surgeon who would rather err on the side of being overly cautious than send us home and hope it’s not an infection.

So it’s all going to be okay and Hook probably won’t stay in the hospital past Monday at the very latest.  He’s going to be just fine.

Visitation / Calls / Texts / Emails

I’m sorry but I’m saying No to all of the above.  We have to say ‘No’ now so we can say ‘Yes’ later.  I guess this means I’m adding to my already long list of nazi protocol (food nazi, walking nazi, drug nazi, information nazi) that of visitation nazi, phone nazi, text nazi, and email nazi.

This re-admittance is only a precaution.   Besides, not having cable t.v. at home means Hook gets to watch all the football bowls on ESPN which he would not be able to do if he were in our house.   But shhh, don’t tell our health carrier.

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9 thoughts on “How Far Will a Man Go to Watch Football on ESPN?

  1. If he keeps this up, you’ll find the Wachowiaks of Saginaw at the entrance to the hospital chanting “we want Hook, we want Hook”. Love and Good Health to you both in 2013!

  2. Do pray that this is just a temporary blip on the road to a full recovery. Will be interested to hear what, if anything, the c-t scan showed. We loved the Texas tree ornament and the Spanish Christmas card—-I can’t believe that you took time to do that,Rosemary! Many thanks. Our love to you both. Claire

  3. Sorry to hear Allan is back in the hospital, but glad his doctor is the one on call this week-end as he knows Allan’s situation best. Enjoy the football games, Allan!

  4. I’m shocked! You turned on the stove??? Kidding. I’m glad Hook is under good care and getting to watch the bowls.

  5. Indeed, New Years Eve at home. Recommend getting cable to avoid a recurrence. Get surgeon to write a prescription and maybe insurance will pay for it, LOL. Hugs to you both, prayers continuing.

  6. Sorry to hear of the weight loss. We are both hoping for the best. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year. Kisses. Dar and Rick

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