Thrive in 2013

HDU_StartOverIn an hour, I’ll leave the house and drive to the hospital to pick up Hook for his re-discharge.

Before I left the hospital last night, I asked Hook if he had any new year’s resolutions.  I half expected him to say, ‘I don’t make new year’s resolutions’.   But, I knew this second stay at the hospital scared Hook, perhaps even more than the first one, so I was curious if and what he would answer.

“Thrive,” he said.

“Thrive?  As in the opposite of ‘failure to thrive’?” I smiled when I asked this as I rested my eyes on my husband’s profile, taking in his new full beard and customary baseball cap on his little, bald head.  The old with the new.  He wasn’t looking at me but staring straight ahead as he repeated himself.

“Yes,” he said. “I want to thrive in the new year.”

Declaring a positive intention out loud was a first for Hook.   He’s not a wishy-washy, touchy-feely kind of guy, and I’m not that kind of a girl which is why we’re a perfect match.   I know from experience, though, that if we don’t declare our intention out loud or in writing,  it has less of a chance of success.

When Hook was re-admitted last Friday, his surgeon wrote on the intake form:  Failure to Thrive.  Hearing this was such a blow to Hook’s health ego not just for him but for both of us.  Failure to Thrive.  For someone educated in the science of studying life that thrives, Hook felt a little let down by his body.  I didn’t feel too great as his caretaker either.

If 2012 was a failure to thrive then 2013 will be to thrive not only for Hook but for us together as a family.   It’s a new year, a new Hook, new Hooks thriving our way into 2013.


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9 thoughts on “Thrive in 2013

  1. Thrive: “To make steady progress, prosper.” Steady progress in all of our lives. Hook, thanks for the life-giving reminder. Wishing the Hooks a Thriving, Pulsating, Fulfilling 2013!

  2. Love this post. Reminds me, interestingly enough, of being 14 hours into an “induced” labor, with zero progress to show for all the contractions. When the doc came in, and declared no progress had been made all day, I realized I was looking at a C-section when she returned in an hour. It wasn’t a conscious choice, as Hook is making now (and which I feel is far more powerful), but something in me awakened, got mad, and said “hell no!” I was ready to push the kid out within the hour. Such is the power we hold within.

    Here’s to thriving in 2013!

  3. Hey you two …I can hear you thriving from all the way up here in CT….and I love the reference to starting over…..eternal optimism. Yours is the most challenging journey…..I am so glad to be out here helping push it along. Prayer and God are really big with me……we will keep on, just like you. Love, Darlene

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