Obituary: Allan W. Hook, Ph.D.

Services for Dr. Hook in Austin will be held Sunday, September 8th, 5pm at St. Edward’s University’s chapel followed by a Celebration of Hook aka a “Hookabration” in the Maloney Room inside the Main Building, 3rd floor on SEU’s campus (look for the tallest, red-peaked building).   In lieu of flowers/plants of any kind, please consider … Continue reading Obituary: Allan W. Hook, Ph.D.

Just How Exciting is Surgery Anyway?

Exciting might be the wrong adjective.  Intense, queasy-filling, thought-vomiting … should I continue?   I had no idea the amount of preparation that goes into even the simplest of surgeries let alone the super duper we-are-going-to-cut-you-MEGAWIDE-open ones.   I had major surgery 15 years ago, so specialized in nature I still can’t pronounce or spell what it … Continue reading Just How Exciting is Surgery Anyway?

The Beginning of Thanks not the End of It

I didn’t miss posting about Thanksgiving in Australia simply because there is no Thanksgiving in Australia at least not in the month of November.   Thanksgiving is one of the few U.S. holidays that is unique to Americans and oddly enough not grossly over commercialized.   We're too busy giving thanks I guess. Australia's Thanksgiving Australians have … Continue reading The Beginning of Thanks not the End of It