I hadn’t even thought about it — immunizations that is — they hadn’t even made the 1,000 Things To Do Before We Get on the Plane to Australia list.

I had a conversation with a business acquaintance yesterday and she asked, “So when do you leave?” and I said, “July 1st,” and she replied, “Oh, you have lots of time!”

Clearly, she has never moved overseas before.   Between leasing out two homes, finding a place for our cat (we have unbelievable friends), finding free storage for our cars (I mean, seriously, good friends), packing up the house, moving my 19th paper century husband into the 21st online century, I have very little time to do much of anything except develop a bald spot, lose sleep, and have a menstrual cycle every two weeks.

My doctor said it was stress.

Speaking of my doctor, the first thought that popped into my brain earlier this week was, “Immunizations!”   As in, oh crap, if we don’t have the right immunizations, they won’t let us on the plane.

I called my doctor and was referred to a great immunization requirement list for any U.S. citizen traveling to another country.  There are a lot of recommendations but no requirements, but since my doctor “strongly recommends” a tetanus shot, I will get a tetanus shot and so will Hook.

After the immunization scare, I decided to give myself two days off.  I admit, I’ve stressed myself into a tizzy what with trying to decide to really use this Australian trip as my writing sabbatical or just to say I’ll be using the trip as my writing sabbatical.    Truth is if I say I’m going to write then I have to write.  It’s not like I don’t have writing projects in the works.  It’s just that what with all the energy I put into wrapping things up at the full-time job, winding down on my virtual work, I haven’t left very much time to getting my writing thoughts back in order.

Immunizations, done.   Organizing my writing thoughts and focusing on one project, next.

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