Calling for Hook Stories


Professor Hook, 2010.

Do you have a story you’d be willing to share about Hook or Allan or Al or Dr. Hook?  If so, I’d love to receive it via email so I could:

  • Read these to Hook.  He seems to enjoy having me read to him just before he dozes off.  (I read to him all of the comments from the blog postings.)
  • Share them on a future post titled, Hook Stories (or Stories About Hook), something like that.
  • Include any photo you’d like to send with the memory.

I welcome all quotes, anecdotes, stories… old, new, funny, sad, long, short.   I’d have to OK everything with Allan before publishing and I’d probably make any R-rated stories PG-rated (where possible).    Otherwise, your stories would be shared verbatim.

Email stories (w/ photo if you have one) to:

How about if we say that you’ll email by the 15th of August?   This will give you some time to compose.  If you would, let me know how you’d like me to reference you, e.g. Bromance buddy from UGA or fellow student at Colorado State or …

On a separate note, next week I have a special blog post.  I’ve been writing it in my head for about a month on a subject of a delicate nature — delicate but positive —  something I hope everyone will be open to reading.   I wish I could tell you what the post will be titled but I’ve no idea.  I can tell you that in a roundabout way it is about religion and God but not in the way you might think.   There will be no soapboxes, no preaching, no soul-saving, just a sharing of who my husband is, has always been, and the mysteries we keep discovering together.

Until that cryptic post …wooooo…. send those stories of my wonderful husband if you would.  All old, ornery, and obscene memories welcomed of course!  (They may not get shared via the blog but I’m sure Hook will appreciate hearing them.)

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5 thoughts on “Calling for Hook Stories

  1. I remember the first class I took with Hook…I did not live up to his expectations, I was playing soccer for St. Ed’s, which meant 6am practice followed by 8am Bio Class with Hook. BOY, was he proud of his slides! Unfortunately, slides would not keep me awake during that semester. I remember him abruptly waking me up during one class and giving me a stern lecture afterwards, I thought I hated him. I never thought that he would end up being one of the teachers I appreciated the most. He was one of the professors that was genuinely interested in pushing you forward and supporting you through those years where you are trying to find the person you are destined to be. I remember driving with him to AOS camping trips and thinking, “God, he is so cool, why does he want to spend his time with this bunch of nerds.” Because he was the king of the nerds. I will never forget him, he made such a positive impact on my life & I wish I could sit in just one more 8am class looking at slides for an hour and a half…I would definitely stay awake.

  2. I would add a fourth “o” for Hook: honest. Ok, it doesn’t start with an “o” but it sounds like it does, and only a clear thinking person could use the other three for themselves. Ask him if he remembers the entomology meeting in, I think Atlanta, where I didn’t run into anyone I knew except him, and he was hot after advice on courting a young lady. It is not something I have any expertise in, and he didn’t follow my advice, but it was fun to listen to him plot. My three adjectives for Hook: honest, open, joyous!

  3. Heather — all of that sounds like Hook! I’d heard about the dragging around in France but not the other ones. Send those stories for sure! When Allan and I were going through photos the other night, there was one of all of your siblings in a field except young Curtis & you. No one could have been more than 10 years old and everyone had a bug net in their hand. I’ll post to FB & cc: you guys.

  4. I grew hearing plenty of good stories – Mom will have to share, as I am fuzzy on details. Mainly about snakes getting loose in the house. Or how he hated being dragged around France looking at chateaux. Oh, there’s the one about the alligator pit!! Or when Paps tried to get him in to some attraction on the under 6 rate, but he piped up and told the truth, much to his parents’ embarrassment.

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