Anything is Possible

HDu_AnythingIsPossibleI’m at home this morning while Hook waits at the hospital for the case manager to stop by and give the okay for a Tuesday release.

Over the weekend, the doctors were able to contain the blood clot by putting in a filter of sorts to prevent the clot from rising further up the body.   That was the non-invasive procedure I’d mentioned in the last blog.  Blood clots are common for people with pancreatic cancer.  As a preventative measure, Hook will self-inject blood thinners daily once he’s home.   He did these in January for almost a month, right after the December surgery, and it’s a procedure he’s comfortable with already.

Hook feels 100% better.  He looks better, has color in his face, and he seems to have twice the energy he’s had in a long time.    He certainly seemed to have a good appetite in the hospital which is not the gourmet place you want to find yourself hungry.

I wish I could tell you for certain how much time Hook has left, but we don’t know.  No one does not even the doctors.  He could have three weeks, he could have three months, he could have three years.   Everything depends on how well we self-manage his diet and exercise and stick to holistic methods of treatment as much as possible.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and thoughts but especially your prayers.  A special thanks to my friend, Linda Lou, a cancer nurse who has been guiding and helping us to interpret information at each new turn.   Linda Lou has been the voice of reason since all of this started almost a year ago.  She’s been a trusted medical confidant to my family for over 20 years, and it’s her advice that led to my father living 10 more healthy years.  Had he listened to his oncologist, he would have been dead in six months with chemo in his veins.  When my father did pass away in 2011, it was from natural causes and not cancer, and not one ounce of chemo ever entered his body.

Anything is possible.  I know this because I’ve experienced it.  And I think that if my husband is willing to get his head out of his ass and open his mind to something more than just data that he can experience the impossible, too.

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15 thoughts on “Anything is Possible

  1. The power of the universe – and this is backed by science – is that everything is always changing, always, ongoing change. This is why I believe so much in the body, mind, and soul’s ability to heal a little bit each day, every day.

  2. Holistic care is what gave Dad hope and addt’l good years. As we witnessed, anything is possible but he has to believe it and want it. Remember when Dad went to see the “healer” in Mexico? I thought he was nuts, but he was so determined to live. Not only did he live but he returned with a bounce in his step. We continue to pray for Hook and for you. Sending prayers of healing. Anything is possible.

  3. « And I think that if my husband is willing to get his head out of his ass and open his mind to something more than just data that he can experience the impossible, too.»

    …..and that is the thesis statement right there.

    No matter how well-intentioned and effective many things and persons can be in this journey alongside Hookmeister, only Hook can help to heal himself – if he truly wants it. This is a time in which he needs to take up a whole new challenge with self and what he previously thought about “faith” and personal spiritual beliefs. I have wished it for him ever since my first meeting with his sacriligeous self (lol).

    I will continue to hold out the hope that through this experience, he discover the unity between science and the realm of the spiritual and how very much he influences the outcome of his days ahead.

    My fervent prayers continue to be with you both. Thank you for so much Rosemary.

  4. Yaaaaay! Way to go Allan and Rosemary. It seems like he’s been through so much already that it would be great to go chemo-free and start to enjoy life again. How many more treatments did he have to go? What does Linda Lou say? no chemo? Sorry I’m so nosy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys always no matter what.

  5. Both of you are in my thoughts. I hope Hook will consider the nutritional support. You’re not wrong about its potential. Home is good, too.

  6. Rico and I are wishing and praying for you both. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. You always have a getaway place in houston.

    We love you always and will try to see you next trip to Austin

  7. Good news that the blood clot is under control! Love and prayers to you both from everyone at my house, and that includes all the bugs in the back yard who tell me they have a special affection for Hook.
    (Since he speaks bug language so fluently, do you think he would mind sending them a message from me? I want to invite them to remain outside in the luxurious accommodations we have provided for them. If they do not refrain from coming in the house I shall have to invite more toads to come and eat them).

  8. Rosemary, anything IS always possible!! Praying for you and Alan, and you might hear in the distance a rosary or two from my mother 🙂

  9. The power of postive thoughts, love and good energy is everything at times. My prayers are coming to you over these states that seperate us.

  10. We’re pulling for you both….miraculous and “impossible” things happen every day. I do think it is important to stay as active and positive as you can.

  11. So glad to hear Allan is coming home, is feeling better and that the blood clot procedure worked! We’ll continue the prayers.

  12. Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop. I am in Fair Haven seeing my 96 year old dad and always drive by Allan’s old street while running errands. I think of him often.

    My most distinct memory was Allan in 7th grade and he starting smoking a pipe (with tobacco). He thought he was all grown up!

    Tell him I said hello.

    Ken Curchin

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