Time Rolls Slowly in a Surgery Waiting Room

11:41am – We got the second update from the surgical assistant who said “everything looked great” but that there was no real new information.   I did get a chance to ask him if he was actually in the surgical room and he said, “Yes, I am standing in the surgical room.”  He let me know that he is not part of the surgical team and that no, he doesn’t have to leavHDU_hospitalboard_hooknamee the room to make the calls.  I did ask about whether the phone was covered up in plastic and he said, “No. I just use it regularly.”   Isn’t that wild?  I think it’s wonderful that hospitals even thought to have someone call family members because the waiting is agonizing.

12:19pm – A technician rolled in a trolley cart full of complimentary cheese & wine.  Okay, just kidding about the wine and cheese but the cart was piled high with healthy snacks, fun snacks, bottled water, and soda.

1:00pm-ish – The front desk check-in person who had been here since 5am stopped to ask us when our last call from the surgical assistant was and to reassure us that someone would probably be calling soon.   That was thoughtful of him to ask after us especially since he was on his way out and headed home for the day.  It makes me feel like we’re not forgotten.

1:45pm – Another technician rolled in a second trolley of freebies.   It may not seem like a big deal to have someone pushing a cart full of edibles in front of you, but when you’re spending too much time in a waiting room, a trolley of freebies is a nice touch.

It is about half past two right now and we have not had another call from the surgical assistant since the 11:41 call.   In the waiting room with me is my sister-in-law, Mary Joy.  I’ve since learned that anyone could have come to the surgery waiting room.  Who knew? 

I’m sure that third call is coming from the surgical assistant.   We knew this was going to be a long surgery and it’s only been five and a half hours.  I’m sure they don’t want to call until they can be specific with an update.

Thanks for waiting with me.

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4 thoughts on “Time Rolls Slowly in a Surgery Waiting Room

  1. Glad you have people with you, Rosemary. You have many, many more pulling for you and Hook, both near and far. Keep being messy and loud. Bet you liven the place up a lot.

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